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22.06.20 Lately I have received a lot of letters with questions regarding the possible membership in IKO КWW. If you want to join it, the doors of the Organization are always open! The main goal of our activity is personal self-improvement through training in the dojo and communication through joint activities! There are no financial obligations for membership in the Organization! The main principle of interaction within the Organization is based on equality, partnership and friendship! For communication, you can use the Messenger! Good luck and all the best on the Kyokushin Way! OS!! ...next »
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"Боевое Искусство Кёкусинкай - это, прежде всего, Путь и система самосовершенствования человека, где, проходя через трудности и испытания, мы обретаем силу Духа, Благородство и Уважение к другим людям, мы обретаем Жизнь, а со временем и Самих Себя."

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